Take a dive into the Atlantic Ocean

The coast in Dakar is an ideal place for those who love relaxing under the sun. There are several private beaches, with long stretches of fine sand bathed by the waves of the Ocean. Some are close to small traditional fishing villages. All offer visitors the joys of swimming, lazing around or playing water sports. Other pleasures await you: the joys of seafood and night life.

Sandaga market

Sandaga market is in the heart of town, a big two-storey building built in 1935. It brings to mind the Sudanese Arabic buildings in Timbuktu. The “citadel” is lined with kiosks and shops often with cutting-edge electrical appliances, fabric, sold in bulk or retail, clothes…

The Island of Ngor

A 5-minute boat ride gets you to this quiet retreat away from the noise and bustle in Dakar. This little island, with its narrow streets winding in-between beautiful houses, has attracted several international artists who now own houses there. The weather is pleasant and right for water sports, game fishing and bird watching.

The Place du Souvenir

This square bears two pantheons – one on “Resistance”, with African freedom fighters; and the other on “Culture”, with great intellectuals, thinkers, writers and artists. The pantheons encircle a sculpture of Africa, which has a tilted posture in a pool of stars before the Atlantic Ocean, a reminder for us to celebrate the emblematic figures in Africa’s history.

The National Park of the Magdalen Islands


Being the smallest marine park in the world, the archipelago is also the home of thousands of marine birds and made it their rest and breeding places mainly the nesting colonies of great cormorants, ospreys, peregrine falcons, black birds, magpies. Sarpan Island is the only one you can visit in the archipelago and accessible via the magnificent Hubert creek where swimming is so good. For those who loves quiet and nature, it’s the ideal place for hiking and scuba diving.

The African Renaissance Monument


Ranked as one of the highest monument in the world, this work is an impressive bronze and copper statue of 52 m which represents a couple and a child. From the top, you can admire the whole town in 360 degree mode against the backdrop of the sunset which makes the show amazing.

The Museum of African Art


Also called Théodore Monod after the name of his founder, the Museum is housed in the former headquarter of the General Administration of French West Africa (FWA) built in 1931. One of the oldest museums of the African continent, the latter features an important art collection of about 10.000 works among which, masks, statues, paintings, jewels, traditional musical instruments. Handcrafts are also exhibited: pottery, ceramics, basketry and textile. You will discover at the same time re-enactments of initiation ceremonies of traditional daily life which represent the rich cultural heritage of West Africa.

The Pink Lake

Just 40 kilometres away from Dakar, Lake Retba is a lagoon surrounded by dunes and filaos trees. Its pink colour is magnificent due to a microscopic alga which is effected by the action of solar rays, oxidizes the iron-carbon contained in the salt water. Famous for Paris-Dakar race that has been for many years the ultimate stage, Lake Retba and its surroundings are an excellent playground for excursions on the dunes by 4x4 cars, moto, quad or for peaceful horseback riding, camel-riding. The show of salt pickers is fantastic.


SeaPlaza is a must for shoppers in Dakar. It is the first high-end shopping center in West Africa, an open window on the Atlantic. SeaPlaza has attracted international brands wishing to have a presence in an environment that suits their image: over 80 stores and attractions for adults and children (bowling, games, merry-go-rounds, restaurants…)

Kermel Market

Kermel is a small market in the heart of the downtown area of Dakar, housed in a beautiful dome-shaped building dating from the early beginning of the century. Surmounted with a bell tower, the main dome is the gate to the talls. Fresh flowers vendors and craft shops (basketry, pottery, batik, wood, copper, and instruments) are installed around the market place. Parakeets, robins, pigeons leaping in their cages. Young ladies wearing necklaces, pearls in an electric and colourful atmosphere.

The artisanal village of Soumbedioune

No event like another one, the artisanal village of Soumbedioune is the ideal place to discover the largest exhibition of artwork and hand-crafted goods’ memories in Senegal. About 2000 artisans creatively and innovatively provide a wide range of artworks, leather goods, carved wooden objects, ebony jewels, silver, traditional musical objects ( djembe, drum, kora)