MONDAY 23 April 2018: Visit of the city of DAKAR and some markets

  • Visit of the most famous tourist sites (Kermel, Soumbedioune, the Old Railway Station, the arts Village etc.).

TUESDAY 24th April 2018: Visit of Saly then the Nursery at MBOUR

  • Visit to the nursery of Mbour
  • Meeting with the women from the village
  • Cooking master class and lunch with the orphans and the staff
  • Folk, danse class and local activities

Wednesday 25 April 2018, Morning: BANDIA VISIT

  • Visit the Bandia Reserve
  • Coffee and divers tasting along the Crocodile lake

Wednesday 25 , Afternoon: Visit of the Pink Lake

  • The Pink Lake visit
  • Lunch under bivouac
  • Diverse activities open the dunes
  • Swimming in the lake or at the sea

Thursday 26 April 2018, Morning: free time

  • Visit of different museums and / or tourist sites in Dakar city

 Afternoon: GOREE VISIT

  • Group tour of the different sites of the island of Gorée
  • The House of Slaves
  • The Museum of the Sea
  • The church
  • The Cannons of the Fort
  • The Museum of IFAN

 Friday 27 April 2018: Visit to the museums

  • Theodore Monod-IFAN museum
  • Léopold Sédar SENGHOR museum
  • The Art village