After London in 2012, Panama in 2014 and Seoul in 2016, the International Association of Maritime Pilots will hold its 24th Congress from 22sd – 27th April 2018 in Senegal.

In entrusting the organization of this prestigious international gathering to the Dakar Port pilots, IMPA, once more, confirms its desire not only to engage and communicate with maritime  pilots around the world, but also to open up to new regions and embrace new cultures.

IMPA 2018 in Dakar will serve as a global forum for maritime professionals who can exchange their know-how regarding latest technological innovations and reflect on current issues. This influential international gathering will discuss the next evolutions in the maritime and port sectors, in order to provide essential information regarding pilotage and port operations now, and in the future to empower the safety and professionalism of every pilot in the world.

Dakar Pilots are proud to be hosting IMPA 2018 the first IMPA Congress on African soil and we look forward to sharing our best practice, professionalism and maritime heritage and knowledge with our international guests.

Our sponsors and exhibitors will have an exclusive opportunity to not only meet with existing clients and industry partners but also have unique access to directors and other decision makers of more than fifty African ports who will be invited to this exceptional event.

IMPA 2018 will provide all participants with an unmatchable opportunity to discover the economic and social potential of Dakar; the richness of the Senegalese culture; the effectiveness of its Teranga; and the inimitable beauty of its land and seascapes.

Dakar is an international maritime and air hub with regular flights from most major cities in the world. Easy to access, Dakar is a bustling, colourful city which is considered to be one the safest and most stable countries in Africa.  This is confirmed by the strong presence of international organizations and multinational corporations which have made Dakar the headquarters of their operations in Africa.

Distinguished guests, esteemed colleagues, valued industry partners and cherished families and friends, we, the organizing committee of the 24th IMPA Congress, have the great pleasure to invite you to this prestigious event.

We are confident the IMPA 2018 Dakar Congress will remain engrained in the memories of all the participants who choose to take part in it.



Captain Oumar Dramé
24th IMPA Congress Organizing Committee President